I really enjoyed doing conceptual work. It gave me me a chance to blend my fine art skills with the digital tools I had at my disposal. I became who I am today because I loved to draw and illustrate my ideas. It’s something I’ll never forget or let go of as the rest of my career progresses.

*please contact me directly if you’d like to see any password protected pages, just being aware of some of the NDAs I agreed to*

NBA Street Concepts

These are character concepts and tattoo ideas we had on the preproduction of the 1st NBA Street game. I did the pencils, digital inks, and mocks.

*colors provided by, Eric Will”*

The Continuum

This was my first web base browser game worked on for an indie game company called Seven Lights LLC. I was the Senior Art director for this project, but I also had a hand in 80% of the 3d sprties (modeling / texturing), concept art, 60% of the animation / FX, and some general illustration and design. You had to be a true 5 tool ball player to rock this position. I can honestly say I learned a ton and met a great group of guys doing it. It’s was a blast and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Sadly we ran out of funding, and never could get the game to it’s true launch potential.

you can see the site here:

Fight Night Concepts

These were all done in preproduction. I illustrated with pen and ink, scanned to digital format and colored it in Photoshop.