Graphic Design

I graduated college with a degree vested in graphic design and visual communication. Initially being a traditional fine artist I grew to enjoy designing on the digital space with an emphasis on visual identity. You’ll notice that allot of my logo work will include an illustrated tone. I gear my design towards the clients needs and desires while offering constructive and creative ways to illustrate there vision. In the end the client gets a product they feel they were a part of as well as one they love.

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*This is a logo design I did for a financial holdings company. They wanted there logo to be playful and look like it’s represented as old Chinese name stamp.*

*This is design I did for a client who wanted her initials to be representative in her logo of the jewelry company. She wanted her logo to have a feel of her history. She lived in China for several years and her logo and jewelry needed to represent that.*

*Rocktapussy was a Chicago female DJ group that I designed the T-shirt for.*

*CashNet USA Mailer Design*

*Ruxbin Kitchen’s logo design was great to work on. The 3 owners were all a part of a collaborative precess in creating the final logo. There were several sit downs and pow wows going over revisions and tweaks. In the end I was just there to create what they had in there hearts to be there restaurants identity. Great food and a great place run by great people.* check them out here:

*Something Massive*

*Holiday CD Cover*