Roger J. Yuen

At a very young age, before I could even remember, I loved to illustrate. I was pretty good at it, but as I got older and started to attend school, I noticed other people were just as talented as I was. For me, to separate myself from the others, I had to dedicate myself to wanting and learning anything creative and conceptual that came my direction. As a result of the obsession to be better than everyone else, I found myself loving the idea of creating something from nothing – taking a blank piece of paper or digital canvas and generating something visually interesting.

I was born into a family that believed that you could only be successful and happy if you pursued a career in medicine. I had to prove to them that I could do something other than being the stereotypical Asian doctor or engineer. They supported my choice to attend Art College, but I never thought they really believed that I could be successful and happy in a field where the result of a sum is subjective.

After graduating college I interned and worked at Discover Financial Services, utilizing my Fine Art and Visual Communications degrees. Shortly after, I had a friend from college call me and ask if I wanted a chance to make art for video games. I jumped at the opportunity to expand my creativity and skill set to a higher level. Fast forward to current day, I’m ready to help bring creative innovation, hard work, and design to the next level.

I treat every professional and social situation as a place where I can learn and grow into a better artist. I take my knowledge from years past, and I lead by example. I feel that it’s the best way to earn your team members’ confidence, support, and trust.

At the end of the day, you have to enjoy what you do to be passionate and driven about it. That being said, I like to lead my life and career by appreciating what I have, relishing it, never taking things too seriously, and making sure when all is said and done, I can smile and say… “I made that!”


Roger J. Yuen



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