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Roger J. Yuen

The Masked Magi Page Finals


Again, I had the luxury and privilege to work with my old colleague and friend Dave Pasciuto on these page layouts. I worked on the layouts, pencils, inks, and flat colors. Dave cranked on the digital colors, art FX, and logo design.

Honestly I wish I had more time to give to the pages and the overall quality of the art. For the time given I feel Dave and I created a solid product. Bottom line was that the Galaxy Comics team loved what they got. Pleasing the client is ultimately the key to a successful project.

Thanks to Jacey and Kevin for the cool opportunity to create the Masked Magi. Much Thanks to Dave Pasciuto for the graphical assist.

Come back soon to visit the blog… I’ve got more up my sleeve. :D

The Masked Magi Cover Finals


I had the luxury and privilege to work with my old colleague and friend Dave Pasciuto on these final covers. I worked on the pencils, inks, and flat colors. Dave cranked on the digital colors, art FX, and logo design. It’s always good to coloborate with other talented art folk. :) Come back next week and check out the pages Dave and I developed together!

The Masked Magi Cover Process


I created a few cover mocks for the Galaxy crew. Eventually after Galaxy and I selected the best cover concepts we were on our way to creating them into a legit comic book cover.

The Final Masked Magi Concept


Here is what the Galaxy Comics team decided to go with. It was a compromise of the previous 3.  I feel like it turned our pretty good. :) Come back in a week and I’ll have some cover art for you. You’ll also get to see a colleague of mine’s super sexy coloring work.

The 1st Masked Magi Pass


It’s been a while since I last posted anything, but I swear that doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing something. :) Back last March I was approached to create a fictional comic book hero, fictional comic book company, and a 5 page fictional comic that was going to be used in a short film this coming fall. The film is being finished up as I type (once I have the release info I’ll post a link on the landing page of my site.).

This was the conceptual description I received for the character:

Our superhero is called the Masked Magi. He’s a magic-based modern crime fighter who draws on traditions from the Graeco-Roman conception of a Magi ( He’s basically a cross between Dr. Strange and Daredevil. He’s mystical, but still engages in combat. His power is such that he’s able to glean danger from reading the stars. Once he identifies a person that needs help, he attempts to rearrange their fates by realigning the stars. Inevitably, these attempts go awry, and he has to intervene in person. He always goes from keeping distance from the people he’s helped to forming a close, personal bond with them.

Here are a few of the first concepts I had of him. *click the image to enlarge*

I’ll be posting more from this project through these next few weeks. Please come back and visit my blog, cuz I’m Back! :D

Art Blog is Still Alive!


Just wanted to let you know I’m still here. I’ve been working like crazy on some iPhone and Android game development. I’ve also been doing a passion project that involves a pseudo comic book. I’ll have some visuals soon, promise!

Screaming Animal Trading Cards Return


This might be a bit anticlimactic, but a good friend suggested it. It stuck, and now here it is. Screaming Snail finishes off the 1st set. Now what to do with all this screaming… that is the question? Come back soon, I promise it’ll be good. :D  *click the image to enlarge*

Screaming Snail


So it’s not “Sonic” but he is blue and he does scream for you. :) It’s been a bit since I’ve posted… Had a few photo gigs to make good on. One more left and we will have a set! [fist pump] *click the image to enlarge*


Okay, so I know a monkey is not usually purple, but hey why not… Just felt like coloring with a different color palette today. ;)  *click the image to enlarge*


A little pink, hearts floating around, and a dash of screaming! Anyone feel like some bacon? Three more to go, and hopefully we will have some trading cards, coasters, and t-shirts for the public. :D  *click the image to enlarge*


He’s fat, furry, and fierce, welcome the screaming rabbit. Happy Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar Calendar New Year) everyone. I’d like your help on the last 2 animals I create. Hit me up on my contact page and give me your ideas. Thanks again for stopping by! *click the image to enlarge*


The screaming continues in February! Per request from a friend, I’m rocking the hippo action. He screams so loud that he toppled over on his backside. Update: I’ve decided to do a set of 10 animals. I’d like your help on the last 3 animals I create. Hit me up on my contact page and give me your ideas. :) *click the image to enlarge*

Screaming Hippo

Fang Bang


One of my favorite fang flicks of all time is “Let the Right One In”. It’s done well, and probably one of the better current day vamp movies I seen in a long while. I created this piece to pay homage to one of the scenes from the movie. I drew up a super rough sketch and digitally inked and colored the piece in Photoshop. Eli’s hungry and she can’t freaking wait to eat. *click the image to enlarge*

Recreation of a Memory


I was sifting through my iPhone gallery, and came across some old pictures that inspired me to recreate a memory of mine. I started off with scanned pencils and brought it into the digital format when it came to applying colors, lighting, and mood. I utilized some helpful techniques from one of my fellow colleagues: displayed in his CS5 Tutorial DVD *click the image to enlarge*

Here are the beginning steps that leads to the final piece above. Thanks again for stopping by to check out my art. :) *click the image to enlarge, use the arrow keys to scroll through the images.*

Screaming Animal Trading Cards


This is my final screaming animal for January. Here is a screaming panda to break in the Chinese New Year. I’ll be doing the final 3 of 7 in February with a slightly different pose format (as suggested by a fellow colleague). Until then, please visit often. I’ll still be posting art, it just won’t be screaming. :D  *click the image to enlarge*


I use to have 4 pet turtles when I was young. Only natural I do a screaming card of these shelled bastards. ;) enjoy! *click the image to enlarge*

Screaming Turtle Trading Card


Here is another screaming animal… your friendly neighborhood screaming beaver, hehe. enjoy! *click the image to enlarge*

Screaming Beaver Trading Card


Just wanted to post something less serious. I talked with a friend about doing indy style art trading cards. For some reason that day I was drawn to doodling a screaming tiger… so here it is. More screaming to come soon. :) *click the image to enlarge*

Screaming Tiger Trading Card

Sequential Motion Art Project [SMAP]


Goal: I want to take my traditional illustration and animate it into a sequential motion art piece. Using a traditional medium I plan on building pieces of art work. I will animate the art work with the usage of faux 3D tracking, camera movements and displacement map blending (done in After Effects).

Tools: pencil, blender, scanner, Photoshop and After Effects.

Set Up: This takes place in a Chicago Subway late in the night with very few people around. A guy and a gal bump into each other as one gets off the train and the other gets on. They trade looks and lock on to one another, instant intrigue. They develop a connection and express it with the girl biting her lip and the guy responding with a half smile. There will not be any dialog, just ambient train station sounds and potential music in the background.

I’m choosing to use just the lower half of the faces to maximize my opportunity with the displacement map blending technique. I want to use it to achieve mild movements with their mouths and lips. I picked a train station because I will have the ability to animate the train on a 3D track, as well as animate the doors, and rumbling light flickers in the scene.

Desired Results: A smooth piece of animated sequential art that tells enough of a story to make you want to see more.

Phase 1 - This is a rough sketch I spent about an hour on. I wanted to lay down some perspective and potential framing ideas. *click the image to enlarge*